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We offer proper law firm accounting you can count on to remain compliant with fiduciary regulations.

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Legal Accounting Complexities Are Our Specialty

If you run a law firm of any size, chances are you could use some help managing the finances and income documents. Whether you’re a lone lawyer handling half a dozen clients or a major firm with numerous locations and hundreds of clients, our attorney CPAs are able to handle your financial accounts efficiently and carefully. At Denali Accounting, LLC, we understand the needs of your firm and handle all client and lawyer information with absolute discretion and confidentiality. You can count on our accountants to keep your finances in excellent order.

We Handle All Your Tax And Financial Documents

No matter what level of complexity your documents, our CPAs are able to navigate and organize them. From filing your quarterly and yearly income reports to making sure your yearly taxes are in order, we handle everything you need to keep your firm operating smoothly and profitably.

Reach out to schedule a consultation with an accountant who can handle all of the following:

  • Tracking and Accounting for Client
  • Retainer Funds
  • Tracking Cash Flow, Revenue, and Costs
  • Billing Different Practice Areas Properly
  • Distinguishing Between Income and Other Payments
  • Assembling and Filing Tax Documents
  • Tracking Quarterly Income and Revenue

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